Indiana Title Requirements

The following information is needed when you send a transfer and/or first time new vehicle. Homeland Security & Indiana BMV requires a copy of social security on individual purchase or transfer if not in the system.


  • Federal I.D. number or social security number (copy of social security card is needed if the individual has an out of state drivers license) New Indiana residents need a copy of social security card and copies of 2 proofs of  Indiana Residency. (FOR INDIVIDUAL ONLY - NOT COMPANIES)
  • Porter County and Lake county require for vehicles to have emissions testing on vehicles 4 years or older
  • Bill of Sale
  • If sales tax has not been collected we will need payment for 7% sales tax up front
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Color
  • Power of Attorney
  • Sheriff inspection or one from another state as long as on Indiana form (NOT NEEDED IF ON A INDIANA TITLE OR INDIANA MSO)
  • Lessee name, address, and federal ID number.
  • Insurance Information
  • Lienholder (and if there is a lienholder) name and address. (title will go to lienholder)
  • Type of plate needed (truck or passenger plate and weight of truck plate.)
  • 2 Pre-Paid FedEx or UPS labels to where the plates need to be sent. (The state issues temporary plate and registrations before issuing the hard plate and permanent registration later)
  • Email Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers